Twenty Five

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My bestie is a baking wizard! How pretty is this cake she made for me?

With it being my 25th birthday and all I thought what better way to celebrate turning a quarter of a century than relaunching my blog?  Seeing as I did take the whole day off from work, I decided to come up with a list of things that I really want to do over the next 5 years, before I turn 30. It seems so close yet so far!! I’ve never really been spontaneous or one to not rationalise or over think every single thing that I do so I guess this little list will be good for me. So here is what I’ve come up with so far and it’s not in any particular order just in case anyone is wondering.

1. Quit my Job.
(Okay, I’m being cheeky, I’ve already handed my notice in. Two more weeks to go and I am free!!!! okay a little update it’s all kinda up in the air at the moment I’m not sure what the outcome will be.)

2. Join the Gym.
(I know that sounds so basic but ya girl over here has been saying this since 2015 and I still haven’t joined so…)

3. Join a Scriptwriting Class.
(I’ve always dreamt of writing my own sitcom and I still have this really cringey script from when I was 14 years old. It’s so bad that it’s funny! Plus I think it’s time to venture out and do something I want to do.)

4. Travel. 
(Honestly, I don’t care if I only visit one or two different countries over the next five years as long as I actually do it. Growing up in a Pakistani household every time I ask my parent if I can go on holiday the answer is no or get married first. So even if I only visit one place out of the UK, it will do.)

5. Go to Therapy. 
(I’ve been putting this off for the last let’s say 8 years. Honestly, because I’m a chicken when it comes to talking about feelings but I think it’s time I grew up and worked out my issues and learnt how to communicate better. It will help me in the long run so this is something I need to do for me.)

6. Step Out of My Comfortzone.  
(I do not have a single spontaneous bone in my body, I plan everything down to the tee before I go out and do it and I feel like this is one of my downfalls. I like being in control of everything and I overthink like my life depends on it. I need to do things that make me feel uncomfortable and as though I don’t have a safety net because life is unpredictable and I need to start living like that.)

7. Write a Book in 30 Days. 
(I love writing and at times I like to tell myself that it is something that I was born to do but I have this really bad habit of starting a story and never finishing it. Mainly because my mind is a magical playground filled with awesome ideas I can’t myself from jumping from one to another. Giving myself a timeframe is going to be gruelling but in a sense, it will help get the job done and I am so excited for it. Don’t worry I will be documenting my journey so you lovely people don’t miss out.)

8. Get to a Healthy Weight. 
(This is something I need to do for me, so I feel good about myself. I’m not saying losing weight is going to solve my life problems but it is something that will make me feel more comfortable with myself.)

9. Sing More & Upload Covers on Youtube. 
(I love to sing so I should do it more tbh.)

10. Put Myself Out There Again. 
(I mean this in the romantic and non-romantic sense. Fear of the unknown is holding me back and I just need to let myself breathe and go with the flow. I have expectations but if a person or a period in my life doesn’t meet those expectations it’s okay, you don’t always get everything wrapped up in a bow. You have to work for it.)

11. Fall in Love. 
(I’m super closed off emotionally, ask my friends and family, they will let you know. I want to be more open to finding someone who I want to share my life with. The funny thing is I’m okay with it not being forever as long as we tried. I’ve always been a bit of a commitment-phobe but I need to move past that.)

12. Believe in Myself More. 
(I don’t really think I need to explain this one. I think we all need to believe in ourselves more and be our own hypeman from time to time. We were all born to great things in our own ways.)

13. Get Married. 
(Before I turn 30 it would be nice but it’s not a priority. If my mum sees this I think she’ll want to kill me. If it was up to her I’d be married by now.) 

14. Get My Dream Job. 
(I want to one day have my own tv show, I always wanted to do like a billion things at once growing up but I always wanted to be a tv presenter. I want to work in the media, be it behind the scenes or in front of the camera and I will do it one day!)

15. Invest in Some Property. 
(So my inner person is like urgh your finally going to listen to your grandad and parents. Well, I’ve weighed out the pros and cons and I guess it seems like a good idea. But let this be clear I’m only doing this because I think it’s a good idea.) 

16. Move Out of My Parents House. 
(I refuse to be that girl who moves out of her parent’s house just to go live with her husband. Nope, I can not do it. I believe it’s good to have some independence, to live by yourself. I feel like I would learn a lot.)

17. Be More Consistent & Not Give Up So Easily. 
(My dreams are mine and if I am going to make them a reality I have to step up my game and not give up or get disheartened every time someone says no. Which mind you is an awful lot. Just keep doing what I need to do and I will eventually get there. It’s about the process. I just need to keep reminding myself that on a daily.)

18. Be Happy & Content!! 
(Just in general like happy and content that even if this isn’t what I want this if life and it is all part of the big picture, the plan that God has for me. I just want to be more accepting of thing that are out my control.)

I could add so much more to this list but I think I’m going to stop there. I guess it will nice for me to check in each year and write a little update on my progress. That way I can hold myself accountable and push myself to do better and actually go out there and make my goals a reality. Anyways that is all for today’s post, I know it was a long one so if you read it all I would like to thank you and tell you that I really do appreciate you coming on this journey with me.
So until next time.


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